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Ideally, swimming pools are meant to be crystal clear and ready for a refreshing swim any time of the day or night, but bodies of non-moving water tend to collect bacteria and algae which grow over time and can change the color of your pool. A green pool is a dirty pool and the level of effort put into keeping it clean depends on how long the buildup has been allowed to progress.

Causes of Green Swimming Pool Water

Improper pH Balance

Chlorine is a chemical added to swimming pools to kill bacteria that can build up over time and lead to a discoloration of the water. Green water is most often a sign of algae, not necessarily bacteria, but different pools have different bacteria that can affect the water. If the pH balance of the water isn’t in the right place, it will allow bacteria to flourish, leading to further discoloration. If the pH level is too low, the water is acidic and over time, it will erode plastic and metal components. A pH level that is too high will not kill bacteria and will allow scale buildup of calcium and other minerals. A healthy pool is between 7.2 and 7.8 on the pH scale.

Clogged Filter

Not all water-color issues are the fault of the water itself. For example, a filter system that isn’t working properly won’t strain out the surface algae and other debris. If left to stagnate, your pool will become a breeding ground for mold, algae and other fungi that will eventually change the color of the water. Pool filters are designed to be cleaned with buckets, baskets and filter systems that are easily disassembled. If your filter is clogged and causing a backup of color-changing water issues, Topaz Pool will clean with water and a scrub brush, then replace it.


Algae thrives in warm, humid temperatures. Normal chlorine may not be enough to counter the buildup of algae within a pool, but there are special algaecides that Dates Pool and Spa will use that are specifically designed to work against those extra-tough algae in the warmer months, when it is more prone to spread. If the pH level of your pool is good but you still have green issues, it is the result of algae buildup and the pool needs an extra dose of algae remover.

Ongoing Maintenance

The best remedy for a discolored pool is regular maintenance that Dates Pool and Spa will provide. This means vacuuming the bottom of the pool regularly, scrubbing the walls and vacuuming them, skimming the surface to remove debris, regularly cleaning the filter system, regularly checking the pH level and adding more chlorine. We will also add algaecides, as necessary. Pool maintenance is a full-time job that requires daily focus to keep the water crystalline and enjoyable.

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